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How it works

How it works

This referral program was created to help support students at your school you feel deserve to travel but may not have the means or may need a little assistance. Travel is such a crucial part of growing up in this interconnected world, and GO is very eager to help support your students who might need it. It all starts with the teacher referral form.

Other companies give teachers travel benefits and outright cash compensation, in some cases. GO Educational Tours is firmly against this practice. In fact this will serve as a ground breaking program Рmaking sure that the students benefit  is part of our core values.

As a teacher you are well placed to recognize which students deserve and merit some support. We leave it up to you as to how to use this travel credit.

If you wish, the credit can simply be applied to your student tour, or you can decide to invite an extra student who otherwise may not have the opportunity to go. GO Educational Tours will never pay this credit in cash or in any other forms of compensation. We are firmly against kickbacks to teachers. We want the student travelers to benefit from our good work.

We understand the value of an educational tour, and we respect the responsibility bestowed on us when teachers select us as their educational tour provider. Student safety is a priority.

If you feel we deserve a reference, we will not let you down.