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Our kids and staff were AMAZING!!

Stefan knew every student’s name within the first 15 minutes of being on the bus and did a great job of developing a relationship with them  – this was a major difference from last year.

In planning the trip, communication with and conducting business with GO was very easy and clear.

Having dinners in a contained location so that chaperones could relax a little


1.       Scholars were amazing!!!

2.       Our ‘GO LEADER’ was amazing. He was engaging with staff and scholars. Knew everyone by name on the trip before arriving at our first destination. He was great at keeping the momentum of the group towards the end of the day when scholars started to fade with his great attitude.

3.       Staff was able to have time to themselves during meals. All the meals were in a contained location so the staff could have a few moments to themselves.

4.       The monuments at night gave scholars a chance to move at their own pace and observe meaningful sites. FDR, MLK, Jefferson, Lincoln, Washington, and the different war memorials were very memorable. Great time to connect with different scholars and have unforgettable conversations about the significance of each one.



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