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Washington DC Day Field Trips

Washington DC Day Field Trip Ideas

Day field trips are great travel options for classes, schools and groups who cannot do travel overnight. GO Educational Tours designed some very creative programs in order to maximize your time at the destination while getting the most out of your activities.

Make Washington DC yours for a day; make it a field trip about history and politics, science or the arts where you and your class or group can discover as much of  DC as one day allows.

History and Politics field trip to Washington DC

Your day field trip can focus on a very specific topic or be very general. If you wish to concentrate on politics your day trip would include most of the political institutions like the Capitol and the Supreme Court. We would help you organize a meeting with your Congressman/woman or Senator.

Washington DC Day Field Trips

Washington DC Day Field Trips

Walk back in time and learn about the history of DC, the men and women who helped shape the nations capital.

Get an in depth look at the monuments and memorials on the mall, from the Lincoln, Jefferson, FDR, MLK memorials to the Vietnam, Korea and World War II monuments.

Science field trip to Washington DC

For example, you could choose to see on your day field trip  the Udvar Hazy wing of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum: see all the legends of flight in one place: the space shuttle Discovery and the last Concorde to fly.

Then go to the Air and Space on the Mall to see the first plane of the Wright brothers to the Apollo 11 Capsule and touch a piece of the moon as you go in the museum.

Air and Space Museum Day Field Trips to Washington DC

Air and Space Museum Day Field Trips to Washington DC

On to the museum of American History to learn more about Edison, then the Museum of Natural History. Many extraordinary museums to choose from.

Tell us what you wish to see and we will build the appropriate itinerary.

Travelling by motor coach offers a lot of flexibility and options for your field trip. Each program can be extended into the evening if you wish. In order to do this we can organize for your motor coach driver to get his DOT rest time at a hotel nearby. This way he can be well rested for the return home. Most shows finish between 10-1030pm and if you are within 200 miles you would be back by 1-200am.

Select one of the above programs or simply create your own.

 If you have day field trip plans to Washington DC and wish to get some ideas and suggestions simply click below to learn more.


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