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Retiring and Retired PET Members

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Involving Retired and Retiring Teachers – Staying Involved In Education through Student Travel

We are very excited to be supported by the PET. We share a common passion for education and youth, and together we will be exploring how GO can continue involving PET retired and retiring teachers in the future, including developing and promoting GO Educational Tours programs. Guided by JC Bowman, we will explore different avenues to make this possible.

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GO Educational Tours


PET and GO Educational Tours are pleased to announce their association.

Together we plan to collaborate on a number of fronts to work on the challenges and issues facing education. Our refer-a-teacher program ($1,000 travel credit) was created to reduce the cost to parents and schools, and improves quality of service in cases where kickbacks are paid by other student travel companies directly to teachers.

Additionally, when a school travels with GO through PET, a soon to be named PET foundation will receive $200. As this balance increases, the foundation will have the resources to address a number of challenges facing educational institutions and their teachers.


GO Educational Tours wants to reduce the cost of student travel. Any Teacher / Organizer or school that books and travel a student group tour before July 31 2013 will receive a $1,000 travel credit applicable to their tour.

– Book before November 15 and receive an additional $500 credit. On a 50 student group this is $30 per student discount.

– GO will also donate $200 from each tour to the new PET Foundation to support future, current and retiring teachers.


 We Love What We Do, Educational Travel, And Do It With A Passion.

Try us, see the difference.

We train our tour leaders to be the best tour leaders for student groups.

They are education students who want to work with young students and share our passion for education and travel.

We do not pay kickbacks to organizers. We don’t believe in them.

They inflate the cost to the students and we want to reduce travel costs to students.

In fact, Refer a Teacher now and if they book get a $1,000 Travel Credit. Apply it to your student group tour when you book with us.

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GO is also working on developing other destinations and programs. They can also customize a tour to any destination you may wish to explore.

They are diligently trained to be the best tour leaders to engage students and share important information to complement the tours on-site, to make sure the tour group is safe, and that the tour is conducted smoothly.

PET and GO
One important issue that concerns PET is the looming retirement of a high percentage of teachers in the next ten years, a void that must be filled by recruiting new, young teachers. We also hope to address the issue of retiring teachers who would like to remain involved with teaching, and will entertain the thought of enlisting the services of retired teachers to help with GO Educational Tours’ efforts.Opportunities may include creating pedagogical content for tours, or becoming GO Leaders (tour leaders) for international programs that are educational in nature.