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Newsletter No.1 Vol.1 November 2012

Go Educational Tours / Professional Educators of Tennessee

My name is Sam, and I am an executive with GO Educational Tours, dedicated to educationally focused student group tours. We are very excited to join PET in a partnership that will support current teachers along with future, retiring and retired teachers. How  PET and GO will work together, click here.


150th Civil War Anniversary Battle Reenactments Around Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville & Charleston

I joined GO because the organization is unique, and its tour leaders practice a teaching style which I advocate and was sometimes absent in my coursework as a young student. Learning is more indelible when it both fun and when the student can see the relevance to modern times or their future endeavors, and when the historical event or figure is brought back to life. The 150th anniversary live battle reenactments around Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville, and Charleston both bring history back to life, and offer a chance for students to discover how the War Between The States (US Civil War) lives with us today, such as the discovery of medical sterilization due to…. click here to read more about Civil War inventions…..


Civil Wal Battle Reenactment Schedule

Combine your student group travel plans with a Civil War reenactment.

February 22-24, 2013: Battle of Aiken, South Carolina
March 22-24, 2013: Battle of Charleston, Johns Island, South Carolina
March 2013: Conference of the Society of Civil War Surgeons…..

Click here for full spring schedule……


Atlanta, Chattanooga, and Charleston Educational Tours for Students Offer More Than Civil War History

Atlanta Trip (and Chattanooga add-on)

The Georgia Aquarium of Atlanta is the world’s largest and, in our opinion, the best. The Ocean Voyager section is like scuba diving without the gear. You walk along a 100 foot glass tunnel across the bottom of a massive salt water tank …click here to read more about the Atlanta program…

Chattanooga Trip

Confederate artillery commander Gen. Edward Porter Alexander did not travel with Go Educational Tours to Ruby Falls Cave of Chattanooga, but he did visit and write of the cave after the war: “I can still vividly remember the one visit to Lookout Mountain which I had made before my present experience on it. In 1850, when a school boy, I had spent two days at Chattanooga, with my teacher Mr. R. M. Wright….click here to read on about Confederate General Alexander’s review of his Chattanooga trip

Chicago Trip

Chicago, accessible by motor coach from Tennessee, typically evokes thoughts of the Chicago fire of 1871, Al Capone, Blues music, and Wrigley Field. Chicago is also the birthplace of modern architecture, and tours can be designed as a lesson about architecture and engineering. At the Museum of Science and Industry, you can step inside a U-505—the only German submarine in the US. On June 4, 1944, this submarine was prowling off the coast of West Africa….click here to read on about this submarine and other Chicago attractions

If you have other destinations in mind- NYC, DC, Gettysburg, Boston, Montreal, Quebec City, Ireland, Italy, China, The Yucatan, and other destinations we offer, please click here to get started

Retired and Retiring teachers interested in joining GO, please click here

It’s a BIG World, GO Travel it!

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