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Why GO?

Why GO?

What makes GO different?

An educational tour is an exceptional, and sometimes daunting, experience for young students.  In many cases they’re traveling with their peers for the first time as a group.  And for many it’s their first time away from home without their parents.  We take this responsibility very seriously. GO Leaders plan and carry out each student group tour as if it is their very first one, ensuring that students learn and discover while having fun and staying safe.

Our mission is to have students  travel smart and become smarter travelers. Learning from travel and learning to travel is fun, enriching and life changing. We make it happen. We call it TQ – Travel Quotient. Seeing, living and adapting to new surroundings, environments, languages and cultures while learning and having fun. It makes a difference now and give students an advantage later – a competitive advantage.

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GO Educational Tours focuses on the students to make sure they get the most out of their travel experience. We will not engage in kickback practices, and make sure any benefits go to the student travelers.

We at GO Educational Tours have over 50 years of combined experience in the student youth travel industry and we take educational travel services seriously.  Our depth of knowledge and passion gives us an edge students and teachers traveling with us will see and feel from their very first phone call.

There are many student youth travel companies out there, each offering a different gimmick or theme.  GO wants to get back to the basics.  Providing a good tour at a good value means our students and organizers have access to experienced people who understand the objectives of teachers and what students enjoy to see and do.