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Daily Safety Review

Daily Safety Review

GO Educational Tours daily safety review briefing.

At GO we start each day with safety on our mind. Juice, toast and a good safety review to get us going for the day are all part of the job.

Here’s an overview of some points we review daily.

  1. Listen to all instructions when the briefing begins
  2. In the motor coach- always stay seated. You can talk, text, IM, chat, skype, think, write poetry, ponder, reflect, read and yes, even look-out the window where live in 3D some pretty cool stuff is going on. But you have to remain seated.
  3. When traveling at night, never take flash pictures – the glare can distract or even blind the driver and cause an accident.
  4. In larger cities, like New York, be mindful of your smartphone. There has been a rash of thefts (right out of your hand while taking a picture).
  5. Always stay with your group, never stray away until specific instructions are given ( don’t go into a store because you saw something you might want)
  6. Listen carefully to the instructions when going to an attraction, site or museum
    1. meeting times
    2. meeting points
    3. what to see and explore and have fun
  7. When walking on city streets, personal mobile time, never run, especially when on sidewalks and intersections.
  8. No pushing and shoving, especially on city streets
  9. Never- ever- cross at a red light, even if there are no apparent cars.
  10. The Buddy system. No, not the ‘hey buddy’ system. It’s the keep an eye for your friend, pal, BFF system.  Making sure you are looking out for their stuff, backpack, money etc. as they do for you.
    1. Always have a travel buddy and buddy duos ( 2 sets of buddies )
  11. During exploration time, make sure you practice the buddy system as per above and never stray from the boundaries of the indicated perimeter
  12. In the hotel never leave the room and never open the door without asking who is there first and clearly identifying the person at the door
  13. Never let anyone in unless a teacher or chaperone is present.
  14. When going to a public restroom always be with your buddies. They can wait for you at the door but make sure your wing-man/girl is with you.
  15. If the itinerary calls for a subway ride pay careful attention to the instructions: always stay as a group, we all go in the same subway car, we pay attention to the cues ass to when to exit. We all exit at same station- we step of the car, take a few steps to get out of the way of those entering and wait. We will count everyone once out. Your GO leader will give very clear instructions and really demand all of you attention for this.
  16. If you should need to go to an ATM, always do so when accompanied by a teacher or an adult
  17. Always wear your GO Educational Tours silicon bracelet or lanyard.
  18. If you get lost- go to a responsible adult ( security person, police etc.) say you have been separated from your group, ask to make a toll free call call the toll free number – our office will instruct you to remain where you are. We will go to you.
  19. Have fun and be vigilant


Teachers, chaperones  and tour organizers will be offered various formulas on tour regarding how to conduct their tours with their students. Some teachers prefer close, tight knit groups, while others prefer dividing into smaller groups to explore.

In these cases , when divided into smaller groups, we suggest one teacher per group, small groups of 4 students minimum AT ALL TIMES ( we will explain below )

A specific perimeter will be indicated. For example, historically in Times Square, the group would be given a specific meeting point ( 42st and B’Way at an appointed time).

The perimeter would be :

  • 42nd st to the south
  • 53 rd st to the North
  • B’Way to the West and
  • 7th ave to the East

Each destination and location would have a different set of instructions and perimeters based on the time of day and time available.