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Safety of the students and the group, while on tour, is paramount and our priority.

When selecting your student travel provider, ensuring that the travel experience is in a structured and safe environment is a priority that we take very seriously. GO understands safety –  it is a part of our DNA. Whether you are travelling within the USA or abroad, we are available 24/7.

Each student will receive a silicon bracelet with our travel hotline number: IMG_0502


·         GO will deal with situations  rapidly and effectively (See Our Procedures Here).

·         GO has procedures in place for the safety of the passengers.

·         GO stays current with  State Department recommendations on travel to specific countries.

·         GO stays current with the latest CDC precautions.

·         GO avoids potentially hazardous situations while on tour.

·         GO has a clear and precise contingency and communication plan to deal with emergencies.

·         All GO vendors are selected based on specific standards of quality and safety.

If you have selected not to have a GO leader on your tour, the organizers (teachers, parents, chaperones and school administrators) will receive detailed instructions on dealing with various situations, along with contingency plans.

GO offers to all organizers a pre-tour live webcast/webinar with your class or student passengers about pre-trip preparation and safety.

Every passenger will receive a silicon bracelet with all of the emergency phone numbers should the need arise.

Our GO leaders, who accompany you on the tour, are trained to give very precise instructions during the course of the tour.

They also deliver a safety briefing every morning before the beginning of the tour day. (daily briefing summary)