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Washington DC

Presidential Inauguration January 2017

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Every four years, on January 20th, the presidential inauguration marks the culmination of the democratic process held in November, and offers students the opportunity to witness first-hand this unique event of American politics and history.  Because the 2013 Presidential Inauguration falls on a Sunday, the ceremony will occur on January 21.
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Presidential Inauguration Itinerary 2013

University City High School

Washington DC

Presidential Inauguration Trip

January 18-21 2013

Day 1 / Jan 18

We recommend an early departure for the airport and arriving 2 hours before the flight.

0530am  – Depart your school for the Airport (transportation to be arranged by school)

0600am   Arrive at the Airport- Checkin

Board your flight to Washington DC via Cleveland:

UA 5276 Stl-Cleveland

 – change planes in Cleveland 1115am

UA 3264 Cleveland BWI


1232pm Meet your motor coach  and your GO Leader  at the Airport( 781-315-2254– Introduction and safety review on board with your GO Leader

Drive directly to Washington DC, 1600 Pennsylvania ave.

200pm     Visit the White House ( 2-230-245pm sub groups)

330pm After your White House Tour we will walk to the Mall and see the Washington Monument and the Museums of the Smithsonian. Time permitting we can visit the American Museum of Natural History


500pm     Walk to the World War II Memorial – learn about the memorial and also the origins of Kilroy was here.

600pm     Walk to the Harc Rock Café


645pm    Dinner at the Hard Rock Café


745pm – Meet your driver – Enjoy an evening tour of the Memorials part 1: here the students will do some of the most striking monuments and memorials- the first night will feature the Lincoln, Jefferson, MLK and FDR memorials.


930pm     Check-in to your hotel

Comfort Inn Jessup

8828 Washington Blvd,

Tel: 410-880-3133

Overnight security at the hotel

Teacher and GO Leader:  evening review and preparation for the next day.

Day 2 / Jan 19

0700am   Breakfast at the hotel

0800am   Depart for Arlington

0845am   Visit Arlington Cemetery: you will visit JFK’s resting place, the tomb of the Unknown

Soldier where the changing of the guard is held every 30 minutes.


1100am   Drive to the Washington Cathedral Learn of the history of this the 2nd largest Gothic Cathedral- see a moon rock as part fo the stained glass and a Darth Vader gargoyle.

1130pm   Drive down Embassy Row and the Naval Observatory, home of the Vice-President

1215        Lunch at the Old Post office Pavilion


In the afternoon visit the U.S. Capitol/Visitor’s Center (subject to long lines and schedule restrictions), the Supreme Court building and Library of Congress


500pm     Vietnam, Korean and  WWII memorials


645pm     Dinner at the Pizzeria Uno Union Station


800pm     Depart for the hotel

0830pm   Arrive at hotel

Overnight security at the hotel

Teacher and GO Leader:  evening review and preparation for the next day.


Day 3 / Jan 20

0730am   Breakfast at the hotel

0900am   Depart for the city

0930am   Visit the Georgetown U Campus

1215pm   Drive to the Post-Office Pavilion for lunch


115pm     Visit the Museums of the Smithsonian Institute: from the Air and Space to American History to the Natural History Museum


600pm     Dinner at PI:

910 F st NW


Evening activity to be determined

1000pm   Depart for the hotel

1030pm Arrive at hotel

Overnight security at the hotel


Day 4 / Jan 21

0645am   Breakfast at the hotel

0830am   Check-out of your accommodations with your luggage and depart for the city.


Your GO Leader will go over all of the safety procedures and how we will circulate as a group in the large crowds.


Enjoy the Inauguration Day, Public events, Inauguration and parade.

Noon- Oath of Office –

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Followed by the Inaugural Address

Inaugural Parade 200-300pm

245pm  Depart the Mall grounds to meet your Motor coach – some Secret Service Restrictions may keep all motor coaches from crossing the Potomac on this day. GO Educational Tours will coordinate subway transport to the meeting point outside the restricted area.

330pm Meet your motor coach and depart for Baltimore Airport

500 pm    Arrive at the Airport


Go through security and go to your assigned gate

645pm     Depart for St-Louis via Cleveland

Flight UA4316

Change planes in Cleveland

Board flight UA5285

925pm    Arrive in St.Louis