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Civil War Battlefield Tours

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On this Civil War Battlefield Tour of Gettysburg during your class trip, walk the very grounds trod by Generals Robert E. Lee, George Custer, John Bell Hood, and Winfield Scott Hancock as they faced off during three of the most critical days in US history. A map of the area will reveal that the battle was fought here only because all roads in the area converged on the town. On the tour, students will learn about the entire war, not just about Gettysburg, and will learn interesting trivia such as how sterilization of medical equipment was discovered by trial and error when the Federal Navy blockade caused a shortage of silk in the south. The Civil War lives with us today, such as the term "sideburns", named after Gen. Ambrose Burnside's distinctive half-beard. Hard tack, a hardened bread and common staple for soldiers because it did not spoil, was the precursor to Saltine crackers. Learn fascinating nuances of the battle and life as a civil war soldier while enjoying the panoramic view of the battlefield from the heights of Little Round top, where Bowdoin College professor turned general, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, led a bayonet charge after the 20th Maine regiment ran out of bullets. Stand by the same copse of trees still living today where Union forces defended the final assault by 12,000 confederates, known as "Pickett's charge". While learning intriguing details and interesting trivia, stand amongst original Civil War cannon near the stone marker where General Lewis Armistead fell. Armistead led his men wielding his sword with his hat stuck on the end, and was one of only a hundred Confederates who broke through the Union line. Learn such trivia as the inconceivable fact that the sounds of the cannon could be heard as far away as The White House 80 miles away, and how close the Confederates came to winning the battle and potentially marching onward to seize Washington, D.C. The Gettysburg museum on the battlefield is free and holds a treasure trove of civil war weapons, artifacts, and uniforms, many that were worn in battle at the site. The town of Gettysburg still has many homes that existed during the battle, such as the Farnsworth House, which still to this day features one side of its brick wall riddled with bullet marks visible from the street, due to Union soldiers firing back at two confederate snipers in the attic. The Jennie Wade house down the road offers tours still has a bullet hole through the door where a bullet penetrated and killed a civilian who was baking bread for Union soldiers. Walk the the street that Lincoln walked on route to delivering one of the most famous speeches in US history. 5 Go Educational Tours
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What's Included

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  • 48 students ( in quad occ.) (12 rooms)

  • 4 teachers/ chaperones (in dbl. occ.) (2 rooms)


  • Deluxe Return Motor Coach transportation from your school*

  • Lodging (option(s) indicated on the right

  • Sites and attractions:

  • a GO Leader for the duration of your trip

  • all breakfasts

  • all taxes and gratuities

  • Overnight security ( 6 hours per night )

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Academic Educational Tour to Gettysburg Class Trips Academic Class Trip to Gettysburg Class Trips
Cultural Tour to Gettysburg Class Trips General Cultural School Trip to Gettysburg Class Trips
Language Immersion Tour to Gettysburg Class Trips Language Class Trip to Gettysburg Class Trips

What you will see and learn

  • Gettysburg Museum (best military museum in the US)
  • Little Round Top
  • Devil's Den/The Slaughter Pen
  • Pickett's Charge
  • Soldiers' National Cemetery
  • The Peach Orchard/Trostle Farm (cannon ball hole still on side of barn)
  • The Bloody Wheatfield
  • Tour through town, down Baltimore Street, see battle scars on Farnsworth House
  • Tour the historic Shriver House (on Baltimore Street)
  • Tour the historic Jenny Wade House (on Baltimore Street)
  • Ghost tours at night

Pricing Per Paying Student

3 days and 2 nights

Meal plans available on request

3 Lunches & 3 Dinners


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