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Different Things to see in Washington DC

Different Things to see in Washington DC

When you are planning your next educational tour or day trip to Washington DC it is normal to want to do the standard visits of all the institutions like the Capitol, see the White House and take a group picture, the Jefferson, Lincoln, MLK and FDR Memorials and Arlington Cemetery too. But here are some different things to see in Washington DC you might want to check-out and remember on your next tour or day field trip to Washington DC:

When you visit the National Cathedral , the second largest Gothic Cathedral in the world, built in traditional fashion, stone upon stone with no steel reinforcements and of course hand carved gargoyles. They are worth seeing and in fact you should try to

Darth Vader Gargoyle

Darth Vader Gargoyle at the National Cathedral

find a very specific one which is very modern: one gargoyle is actually Darth Vader’s mask! If you get a tour inside do not forget to see the stained glass window that includes a moon rock from the Apollo 11 Mission.

The most dominant feature on the Washington DC skyline is the Washington Monument. Measuring 555 and 5 and one eight of an inch high it marks the unofficial center of the city. You might notice something peculiar about the monument: (insert pic here).


 Washington Monument different colored stone

Washington DC Washington Monument

The color of the stone changes about a third of the way up. Local tour guides might entice with stories of floods (they are kidding it’s to get your attention) Construction of the monument started in 1848. It was interrupted in 1854 for lack of funds as it was originally privately financed and then the Civil War further delayed construction and it only resumed in 1874 to be completed in 1888. At the time it was the highest structure in the world. The different colored stone is attributed to the fact the quarry where the initial stone was carved was no longer available after the civil war. Stone from a quarry in Massachusetts was used but it was found to be deeply streaked and another quarry near the other original one was found and it was used to complete the towering Obelisk.

Kilroy was here thx wikicommons

Kilroy was here

The most curious mark your students on your class field trip to Washington DC might like to find is the one known as ‘Kilroy Was Here’. This most unusual carving is discretely hidden on the World War II Memorial . When you visit the memorial dedicated to the 405,399 men and women killed and lost during this great war, look for the doodle as it was said many servicemen would doodle the very noticeable cartoonish character as they re-captured Allied territory. The mark became legendary. The Germans even thought it was a deep hidden code as it was found on captured equipment.


So make sure to keep your eyes open on your next educational tour or class field trip to Washington DC.

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