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Different Things to See and Do on an NYC Field Trip

Different Things to See and Do on an NYC Field Trip.


Are you planning your next educational tour or class field trip to New York City? Why not try something different with your students or class.

A Museum of what?

One your next class trip to New York City try a different kind of attraction. There is a small museum not far from the Flat iron building dedicated to…Math!. Yes the Museum of Mathematics! No it’s not a museum where they exhibit paint by number art. But that would be a good idea. No, this museum is dedicated to math in its many forms.EFD2EE2A-BE0C-4121-852E-59FF738DE9A4

Have you ever tried a bike with square wheels on a round road? Probably not, but using the right equations and some creative thinking you can ride this bike at the museum and it feels like a nice smooth ride. Join a workshop on various mathematical theories. Our last group from Kentucky had one on ‘Knot Theory’. The students learned about trefoils to pentafoils and how knot theory is used to push mathematical formulas. They even did human knots to show how the theory worked and applied.

NYC Field trip to the Math Museum

Trefoil or Pentafoil

There is this and more to discover at this very unique museum.


Theme Restaurants

Another great fun stop on your next NYC field trip is the Jekyll and Hyde Club. This is a lunch or dinner theater restaurant combining mystery and horror with a light and fun touch. From talking gargoyles, to skeleton ventriloquists and detective waiters wandering the club, it is a great setting for an off-beat meal for your student group in NYC.

Jekyll and Hyde Club

Jekyll and Hyde Club

The Skyscraper Museum

As advertised, the museum is located in the foremost ‘vertical metropolis’. Learn more about these incredible buildings dotting the very recognizable skyline. Learn where the term skyscraper comes from and how and why we are able to build so high. There is a rich history behind the buildings you see and visit during your NYC field trip. From the Beaux-Arts style of the first skyscraper, the Flat Iron, to the Art Deco marvels of the Empire State, Rockefeller plaza and the Chrysler buildings to the modern and post modern structures. Lipstick building anyone?

So make sure to try something different on your next educational tour or class field trip to NYC.

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