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Why did you choose GO Educational Tours?: 

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What did you like best about your trip and the service GO Educational Tours provided?: 

The GO leaders were friendly and well-versed in the travel and extremely HELPFUL in the process.

Amanda M. MPHS


Our kids and staff were AMAZING!!

Stefan knew every student’s name within the first 15 minutes of being on the bus and did a great job of developing a relationship with them  – this was a major difference from last year.

In planning the trip, communication with and conducting business with GO was very easy and clear.

Having dinners in a contained location so that chaperones could relax a little


1.       Scholars were amazing!!!

2.       Our ‘GO LEADER’ was amazing. He was engaging with staff and scholars. Knew everyone by name on the trip before arriving at our first destination. He was great at keeping the momentum of the group towards the end of the day when scholars started to fade with his great attitude.

3.       Staff was able to have time to themselves during meals. All the meals were in a contained location so the staff could have a few moments to themselves.

4.       The monuments at night gave scholars a chance to move at their own pace and observe meaningful sites. FDR, MLK, Jefferson, Lincoln, Washington, and the different war memorials were very memorable. Great time to connect with different scholars and have unforgettable conversations about the significance of each one.



Testimonial New York City Trip 2013

Hi Stefan,


New York City Times Square High School Student Tours

New York City Times Square


It was an excellent trip, except for the obvious. 🙂 (note from the editor – the obvious was a motor coach break down that caused serious delays)   You did an excellent job handling all of the details and interacting with the students.  As I said, you were the best guide we’ve had, and this was my 13th summer trip.




NYC: New York City School Field Trips

New York City (NYC) School Field Trip Ideas

Field trips are great travel options for classes, schools and groups, whether you’re able to travel overnight or just go for the day. GO Educational Tours has designed some very creative programs in order to maximize your time at the destination while getting the most out of your activities.

New York City Field Trips - Times Square

Times Square New York City

Make New York City yours for a day; make it a field trip about science, the arts or a general sampler where you and your class or group can discover a little bit of New York in one day.

Science field trip to New York City

For example, you could choose the Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum, the American Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Math as a science themed day.

Arts field trip to New York City

Perhaps the arts are more your thing; The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim and the MoMA can fill your day. And should the performing arts be the focus of your trip then you can enjoy a very good tour of the Lincoln Center, Radio City Music Hall and then maybe catch a matinee or even a evening Broadway show.

General Cultural field trip to New York City

The discover New York in a day is another option: Depart early from your city, arrive in Manhattan with your field trip group to catch the Staten Island ferry to get a view of the Statue of Liberty, then a deli lunch near the World Trade Center 911 Memorial, a subway ride to Times Square for an orientation walk and exploration of this well known intersection to finish your class trip by taking in the best view in the city from the Top of the Rock Observatory 70 stories up at Rockefeller Plaza.

Tell us what you wish to see and we will build the appropriate itinerary.

Travelling by motor coach offers a lot of flexibility and options for your field trip. Each program can be extended into the evening if you wish to catch a Broadway Show like Spider-man or Wicked. In order to do this we can organize for your motor coach to get his DOT rest time at a hotel in NJ. This way he can be well rested for the return home. Most shows finish between 10-1030pm and if you are within 200 miles you would be back by 1-200am.

Select one of the above programs or simply create your own.

If you have day field trip plans to New York City and wish to get some ideas and suggestions simply click below to learn more.   Get a New York City Day Field Trip Quote

Testimonial – GO Educational Tours to New York City

I thought our ‘GO Leader’ did an excellent job working with a very diverse group of kids. All in all, the students had a great time and we got to see so much of the city! The tours were timed perfectly and did not feel rushed but moved along so that we were able to participate in multiple activities each day. Our GO Leader was very flexible and able to adjust our itinerary to accommodate some items that were not a part of the traditional itinerary. Also, he did a great job making the best of the rainy day weather, still giving the kids a fun-filled Sunday, although the weather was not the best!

New York City Educational Tours

Great view from the Top of the Rock

I believe GO Educational Tours provided the perfect mix of activities and personality needed for my group of students. They are still talking about all of the experiences they have shared together in the city and have learned some memorable facts and shared in some great attractions of one of the best cities on earth! I would definitely recommend this tour and company to others!

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Testimonial – Educational Tour to New York City

Hi Stefan!
Just wanted to thank you again for a FABULOUS trip! The kids had a blast and so did the teachers! You make the experience so much fun and soooo easy! Everything is perfectly timed and definitely focused on middle schoolers with a mix of sightseeing and time to explore. Even the choices for lunch and dinner were outstanding! I cannot thank you enough… we had a wonderful time and hope to repeat next year!

QCA New York City Field Trip

QCA New York City Field Trip

Thanks for ALL you did to make the kids’ Grade 8 trip to New York so memorable!

Catherine Cameron, Principal