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The Franklin Institute

The Franklin Institute is a museum of science, and an educational experience that will compliment the historical and cultural aspects of a visit to Philadelphia. Founded in 1824, its tradition of education and demonstration of groundbreaking new technology continues to this day, in the spirit of Benjamin Franklin. Scientific disciplines and phenomena include electricity, biology, biology, anatomy, combustion engineering, aviation, and physics.

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Year End Educational Tour to The Franklin Institute School Class Educational Trip to The Franklin Institute
Academic Educational Tour to The Franklin Institute Academic Class Trip to The Franklin Institute
Cultural Tour to The Franklin Institute General Cultural School Trip to The Franklin Institute
Language Immersion Tour to The Franklin Institute Language Class Trip to The Franklin Institute

What you will see and learn

Electricity showcases Franklin's discovery of electricity and its use in the modern world, including elements such as a sustainable dance floor, and an array of LEDs that turn on in the presence of cell phone signals and other low-power electrical signals.

Changing Earth focuses on the powerful forces of air, water, and land and their effect upon the earth, as well as how humans respond to and interact with these forces.[7]

The Franklin Airshow features The Wright Brothers Aeronautical Engineering Collection, their newly restored Model B Flyer, and a U.S. Air Force 1948 T-33 Shooting Star Jet Trainer. (Aviation and Technology)

The Giant Heart has been a Philadelphia icon since its opening in 1954. (Biology, Chemistry and Anatomy)

The Joel N. Bloom Observatory features five telescopes, including a giant 10" Zeiss Refractor and four 8" Meade Reflectors.

The Sports Challenge is an interactive exhibit that shows the science behind sports. (Physics and Technology)

The Train Factory has a real, moving train: The Baldwin 60000 steam locomotive. (History, Engineering and Technology)

Sir Isaac's Loft allows visitors to blend art and science into their own masterpiece. (Physics and Art)

Space Command features real space suits and allows visitors to track their houses, in real time, via satellite. (Astronomy, Technology and Mathematics)

Amazing Machine allows visitors to experience a machine-like environment featuring little-seen pieces from The Franklin Institute's priceless collection, including Maillardet's Automaton, believed to have the largest cam-based memory of any automaton of the era.

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At this educational science museum, many scientists have demonstrated groundbreaking new technology. In September and October of 1884, it hosted the International Electrical Exhibition, the first great electrical exposition in the US. In 1893, Nikola Tesla demonstrated the principle of wireless telegraphy here. On August 25, 1934, Philo Taylor Farnsworth demonstrated the world's first all-electronic television system.

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Address: 222 North 20th Street

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