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GO.  It’s a small word with a lot of muscle.  GO is the difference between saying you’d like to visit the Empire State Building one day and actually seeing Central Park from 86 stories up. At GO Educational Tours, we’re dedicated to making student travel dreams reality, whether it’s skiing the Canadian Rockies, or cheering in the stands at a hurling match in Dublin.  Together, let’s GO!

Educational tours are one-of-a-kind opportunities for secondary school students to develop and expand their world views while discovering fascinating, exciting places alongside their teachers and peers.  We, at GO Educational Tours, have over 50 years of combined experience in the student youth travel industry.  Our depth of knowledge gives us an edge that students and teachers traveling with us will see and feel from their very first phone call.

Our mission at GO Educational Tours is to offer creative student travel experiences to destinations across America, Canada, and the world, ensuring that each and every trip is as unique and memorable for our student travelers as it is for their teachers and parents.

Together, Let’s GO!

Working with a tour company should be simple and rewarding.  We’ll work to make teachers’ specific ideas, travel projects, focus topics and other priorities a reality.

We are dedicated and determined to make your GO Educational Tours experience GO perfectly.

Don’t just dream it. See it.   Together, let’s GO!