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June 2013 - GO Educational Tours

Flying on your next Educational Tour

Perhaps your next educational tour with your middle and high school class will be to an international destination or your class field trip will be taking a flight to Washington DC, New York, Boston, Atlanta, Montreal or Chicago.

Whether it is a domestic or international flight you will need to make sure you have proper government issued identification before boarding.

Flying GO educational tours

Flying with GO educational tours

When you’re making preparation for your student class trip you will need to make sure you have the proper identification with you and ready to present when it is requested at the counter or security. These are the TSA guidelines. (

Documentation and ID

This might mean you will need to get a passport if your class is planning an educational tour to an International destination like Mexico and Ireland. You can learn more about passports here.

Getting to the airport early enough is very important. There is the check in with the airline and also the TSA security procedures and sometimes during busy periods the lines are very long. We recommend getting to the airport at least 2 hours before your flight for a domestic destination and 3 hours for an international trip.

Carry on luggage

Carry-on restrictions are very important and you need to pay close attention to what you bring with you on an aircraft. The TSA has a great link here:
The size of your carry-on is also restricted. But a great rule of thumb is this – try to stick to the essential. It makes it easier and you will not forget anything on the plane when you disembark.

Packing Right

Review your itinerary and see what you may need for each day. If you do check luggage also plan to bring essentials so as not to bring too large a suitcase. Remember, you have to lug it around – those 3 pair of shoes on a 3 day trip might be a little too much. The success of any trip, on an educational tour with your classmates and teachers or any upcoming trip with your family, is to make sure you pack properly and sensibly.

Traveling is about being comfortable and being prepared for various weather conditions. To make sure you don’t overpack and bring just the right things feel free to use our checklist when you prepare for your educational field trip with GO educational Tours.


GO Travel Packing List download


Next time you are flying on your student class trip keep these points in mind and your travel experience will be much smoother and fun.

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