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September 2012 - GO Educational Tours

Making a Difference – Attention to Details

Middle and High School Student Trips make a difference.

Experience has shown that we can make a difference in students’ lives and memories over just a few days during a tour. Discovery, friendship, wonder,camaraderie, curiosity span the range of emotions young travelers will experience. We enjoy being a part of that and work hard to make it a success.

Our efforts and unflagging determination are dedicated to ensuring that your tour runs smoothly. Like a Broadway show, you watch the show unaware of the hard work backstage that makes it all happen. A successful show is marked by unrelenting backstage work that makes the performance look easy.

Our backstage is rooted in logistics, preparation and attention to details.

Selecting reliable and quality vendors, such as the hotels and motor
coach companies, is one fulcrum amongst others that produces a successful tour.

A more important element of our backstage work is careful selection and training of our tour leaders, also known as “GO Leaders”, who are chosen from the education departments of local colleges. We augment their budding teaching skills and academic knowledge with intensive training to ensure they are prepared to host a tour, and to deliver engaging lectures in an entertaining manner.

The main theme and focus of training our GO Leaders is the student traveler. We make sure this is repeated over and over- they are the priority at all times, their safety, making sure they have fun, seeing the sites they should be seeing, and learning material that compliments classroom instruction. We implore our GO Leaders to love your kids and your group as if they were your family. We impress on them to keep every student engaged, and to make it known that you are available to them at all times during the tour. And smile. Smile until it hurts. This seems silly but there is nothing like a smile to enhance a day-rain or shine.

In Washington, D.C. during the Presidential Inauguration in 2013, there will be many visitors. Because the city will experience some congestion, it is of paramount importance that the itinerary is crafted with precision, including contingency plans in the event of any unexpected delays due to traffic and road closures.

Paying attention to the small details, and delivering a little more than is expected, are what we pledge to the teachers and traveling students.

If you are a teacher and want your kids to enjoy a memorable, fun,and educational travel experience- please give us a call, and we will provide a quote on a trip to the upcoming Presidential Inauguration 2013.

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Presidential Inauguration 2013


Presidential Inauguration 2013 Washington DC

This year the Presidential Inauguration 2013 Washington DC

There will be a private ceremony on Sunday the 20th of January. Then on the Monday will follow the public Presidential Inauguration along with the parade and events on the Mall.

The first President to be inaugurated at the Capitol was Thomas Jefferson in 1801. Jefferson was instrumental in the development of Washington’s capital and its design. He called Pierre Charles L’Enfant who surpassed the modest ambitions Jefferson had for the capital’s design. Today this grand design still holds up well. It is a fitting setting for the capital of the oldest democracy in the world.  The avenues are wide and there are great vantage points of the government buildings. There are height restrictions in the city to help it keep the government prominent. Some say the city evokes certain European cities like Paris in its concept.

The President will take the oath of office on the West front facing the Mall towards the Washington Monument. The Presidential Inauguration events from Andrew Jackson to Jimmy Carter were held on the East side. President Reagan was the first to take the oath on the West side.

The wording is specified in Article Two, Section One, Clause Eight:
– I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

This year is a great opportunity to combine a Washington DC trip with the Presidential Inauguration 2013 events.

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Presidential Inauguration 2013


The Presidential Inauguration 2013

Only 123 days until the next Presidential Inauguration when the President is sworn in. This peaceful transition or continuation of power will be on Sunday January 20th 2013. It is the commencement of a new term of four years for a President. The Presidential Inauguration is a solemn and festive event celebrating democracy and the confirmation of the Chief executive. Prior to the 20th amendment it was held on March 4th and the last President to be sworn in was Franklin D Roosevelt in 1933.

Did you know the shortest Presidential address contained 135 words and was delivered by George Washington while William Harrison’s was 8445 words! President Washington was never sworn in the city carrying his name. In fact 5 other Presidents were sworn outside of Washington D.C. :

  • George Washington—1789, New York City; 1793, Philadelphia
  • John Adams—1797, Philadelphia
  • Chester Alan Arthur—1881, New York City
  • Theodore Roosevelt—1901, Buffalo
  • Calvin Coolidge—1923, Plymouth, Vt.
  • Lyndon Baines Johnson—1963, Dallas
Exceptionally, back in 2008, another ‘informal’ Presidential Inauguration was held. President Obama was sworn in a second time the 21st by the Chief Justice  after following Chief Justice Roberts’s lead, Obama improperly recited the oath. He said, “I will execute the office of president to the United States faithfully.” The word “faithfully” belongs between “will” and “execute.”

This year is the perfect year to attend and make it a DC trip as it will fall on on a Sunday.

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