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July 2012 - GO Educational Tours

Student Travel Tips – Packing List for Students going on an Educational Tour

Packing Is A Challenging, Yet Fun, Exercise Requiring A Little Planning And A List.

What To Bring ? Packing List for Students’ check list.

You can quickly identify the basics. But before you do, here are some quick tips.

Quick Student Travel Tip no. 1 – SHOES

Start with shoes- they need to be very ( did I say VERY ) COMFORTABLE ( my caps are intentional ) shoes.

Quick Student Travel Tip no. 2 – CLOTHES

Here’s a rule of thumb: number of days equals the number of shirts, sox, underwear, pants or shorts to bring.

So if you leave for 4 days you  should have 4 of each of the above as your basic kit. With what you will be wearing on the first day you’ll have a back-up set.

Quick Student Travel Tip no. 3 – DOCUMENTS

What are the required documents ? – if you are flying or if you are going outside your country you will need a passport.  For more info on passports, click here.

A very good tip here is this : when you do get your passport, scan a color copy of it and send a copy to yourself and your parents. This way if anything happens to it, you always have a form of proof that you had it and the information on it can always be consulted.

Quick Student Travel Tip no. 4 – TOILETRIES

With a toothbrush and toothpaste and some deodorant, you are good to go. But you might want to bring a few more things. These are always at the top of the list.

Quick Student Travel Tip no. 5 – CASH

Cash and/or equivalents are important. Your ATM will allow you to get cash at the destination city but you should have some cash on you when leaving, but not too much. ( we discuss in the safety section about not going to ATMs without a chaperone or teacher )

Quick Student Travel Tip no. 6 – STUFF

The idea is not to pack too much and have too many bags, especially if your tour involves flying. It will be easier to lug around. Bring a smaller backpack for your personal items and personal entertainment.

Also start packing a few days before departure. Do not pack at the last minute or you will be rushed and forget something. Plan ahead here, it is well worth it.

So these are the basics above but the lists are more detailed , download and print it and do it with your parents. It’s fun and you’ll make sure you have all the things you need for your trip.

GO Travel Packing List download

Good packing.

The GO-to Team